As much as I find the culture (ha!) of pearls fascinating, I am rarely drawn to pearl jewelry myself.  I think perhaps it usually seems overly fussy to me, or too fancy for my everyday life.  However, today I stumbled upon Anne Sisteron‘s beautiful jewelry, and I am all kinds of smitten.  While she has lovely designs in all manner of gold and gemstone combinations, it is her pearl rings I have fallen hard for.  To me they are the perfect combination of minimal and sculptural, delicate yet noticeable.  Considering my birthday is just around the corner, I may or may not have placed an order.

Born in Paris and currently an Angeleno, Sisteron’s model background clearly honed her eye for style and line.  Her jewelry mixes classic and contemporary in a very LA way that I love.  Here are some of my favorites:

bar and pearl ring  pearl pillar ring  disc and pearl ring


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Just for fun

Recently I stumbled upon quite possibly my new favorite sandals.  They are fuzzy and striped and “a lot of look,” but I love them both in spite of and because they are zany and oh-so-much-fun.  Furry teal sandals?  Um, yes and please.  Thanks, Prada — you’ve officially made me smile every time I look down at my feet.


Are you ready, boots?


A couple weeks ago I bought the lace up version of these amazing black suede floral boots, and I could not love them more.  They are loud and brash and also sweetly feminine — a total statement shoe that also happens to be highly walkable.  They are slightly man-repeller-ish, but I got compliments from most of the women I know the first day I wore them out.  And that is just fine by me!  I get all the heart-eyes every time I see them.

New go-tos

The changing of seasons always makes me want to update my wardrobe a bit, and last week was no exception.  Now it’s grey out with some drizzle, but I’ve still got easy summer pieces on my mind.  Here a few new favorites that have made it into rotation lately:

A striped tee (because i can never say no to stripes) in a cute slightly cropped silhouette.  Easy enough to wear all summer.


This sweet red bandanna, which is the jauntiest when paired with said striped tee.  Floral but not twee, classic yet updated.


A navy popover with subtle woven stripes is equally easy, but just a little more polished.


The perfect beaten up black jeans that make me feel like a rock star, no pesky producers or crazy touring schedules required.  Equally awesome with slip-on sneakers or ankle boots.  Trust.


S’il vous plait

I’m starting the week with a bit of attitude.  Mondays call for a little grit and determination sometimes, no?  This jacket is the perfect middle ground between a prim tweed and a classic biker.  Paired with a red lip, a great jean, a signet ring for my index finger, and a little je ne sais qoui, I’m facing the week head-on.

Frayed hem woven biker jacket  Cafe au lait tee (similar)  Red longwear lipstick  Distressed blue jeans  Fox signet ring

Grey Wednesday

rag_bone_fedoraSpring has officially begun, just in time for us to get some much-needed rain here.  It is a very grey Wednesday out, soon to be a very rainy Wednesday.  I’m wearing a snappy wool fedora to keep the rain off my face, and I’ll have this playlist going to accompany the sound of rain pattering outside my windows.  Cup of tea or a glass of wine highly recommended.



Rag & Bone fedora  (similar)