My favorite color has been green as long as I can remember. Pink was about as opposite as you could get, and definitely not for me. Too sweet, too saccharine, please and no thank you. As I have gotten older, though, I find myself striving towards balance. Happy and sad. Yin and yang. Pink and green, and beauty in balance.

I love beautiful things.  Experiences.  Places.  A home that welcomes me every day.  Freedom to be better, to be thoughtful, to strive, and to love.  I started this blog to share some of that with all of you, and to build a community of joy, beauty, and living well.  Here you’ll find musings on life, home, books, travel, style, and often a poem or two. Welcome, and thanks for musing along with me.


Charla is a musician, writer, archivist, blogger, creative, thinker, planner, reader, feminist, lover, and student of life.  She lives in Southern California with her patient husband, rescue pups, and a cat who thinks she rules the roost.