New go-tos

The changing of seasons always makes me want to update my wardrobe a bit, and last week was no exception.  Now it’s grey out with some drizzle, but I’ve still got easy summer pieces on my mind.  Here a few new favorites that have made it into rotation lately:

A striped tee (because i can never say no to stripes) in a cute slightly cropped silhouette.  Easy enough to wear all summer.


This sweet red bandanna, which is the jauntiest when paired with said striped tee.  Floral but not twee, classic yet updated.


A navy popover with subtle woven stripes is equally easy, but just a little more polished.


The perfect beaten up black jeans that make me feel like a rock star, no pesky producers or crazy touring schedules required.  Equally awesome with slip-on sneakers or ankle boots.  Trust.


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