Manor manner

Lately I’ve been making some decor updates here and there — some new art, swapping out a pair of lamps, trading out a mirror, etc. I’m feeling really inspired by English manor vibes of late, artist loft-type spaces, and the feeling evoked by curiosity shops and curio cabinets. Here’s a peek at the lovely newness gracing my home these days.

I swapped the mod-ish amber circular mirror I had in my entry for this beauty, which accentuates our tall ceilings nicely. Something this gleaming and elegant was crying out for a matched pair of lamps to flank it, so I went high-low and paired OKA’s Leptoria lamp shades with classic-looking stick lamp bases from Target. Stacks of books and a favorite vessel or three to style, and I couldn’t be happier!

Several updates have been artwork related which I’ll post about soon (peek and hint here!), but another recent addition has been hanging some long-desired curtains. The unique window placement and shape in our old house — a mixed commercial/residential duplex — has stumped me for years, but I finally took the plunge with some linen-y textured sheers and some warm gold curtain rods. I’m really happy with the results! The gauzy, filtered light in our living spaces is so, so pretty.

Shockingly chic (or perhaps not so shocking, as Target often has some real gems!) is this new vase I picked up. The shape is beautiful and I love how it reminds me of one of my dream wallpapers, Cole & Son’s Nuvolette. It is the perfect vessel for a bunch of floppy eucalyptus stems.

For overnight guests (and because I loved the color), we now have a sweet tufted couch that folds down into a full-size sleeping spot. I have it draped in a throw by Matilda Goad & Co. for Anthropologie, which picks up the minty color beautifully.

Lastly, let me let you in on a secret you probably already know about but might not. I have three words for you: candle warmer lamps. I am such a convert! No soot or smoke from your candles means cleaner air in your home, your scented candles last wayyyy longer since the wax doesn’t have to fuel a flame, and the lamps come in so many styles, you can easily find one to fit your vibe. I got this one, but something like this or this would be great if you like a sleeker look.

I love how our home is ever-evolving, cozy and welcoming. I hope you enjoy, and happy decorating!

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