Key lime pie

Look out world: I have discovered the magic of Instacart.  It is a grocery delivery site and app that is, in a word, amazing.  I can now do my grocery shopping from my couch in my PJs.  What a time to be alive, yes?  Some kind person shops for me and delivers my groceries for a low fee, and I get some of my life back!  Win!  I was initially hesitant due to the yearly fee, but now (much like Amazon Prime) I am hooked.

My key lime pie!

The one drawback to Instacart is that seeing tiny product images on one’s screen is quite different from grabbing something on a shelf in real life.  I accidentally ordered key limes instead of regular ones recently, and didn’t realize it until I saw the bag of tiny citrus fruits in the bottom of my grocery bag.  Not all was lost, however.  I figured it was as good a time as any to try my hand at key lime pie!  I turned to my beloved Deb of Smitten Kitchen and made her delightful pie over the course of a lazy Saturday afternoon.  It.  Was.  Perfection.  Ideally balanced between tart and sweet, great flavor in the crust — just lovely.  Sunshine on a plate.

If you decide to tackle this recipe (and I hope you do!), know that I needed many more key limes than she indicated to get 2/3 of a cup of juice.  I’m not sure if my limes were tiny or hers were gigantic, but I needed about double the number of key limes she did to get enough juice.  Also, since those suckers are tiny, I’d love a juicer like this to make the juicing process easier next time.  Lastly, I found the pie to be most flavorful and easiest to get out of the pan if it got closer to room temperature before serving.  Easy recipe, yummy results, and an accidental ingredient utilized.  It’s the classic lemons to lemonade scenario, although I think I made out even better — because pie!

My pink glass pie plate can be found here.  If you’d like to try Instacart, get $10 off here.

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