I ❤️ Block Shop

Oxbow scarf

Next in my little series on makers I love and support, allow me to introduce Block Shop textiles.  I love their products, and love their company ethos.  Their Oxbow scarf is draped around my neck as I type this!

Block Shop is a textile studio run by two sisters based in Los Angeles and Jaipur.  They design on paper, print with wooden blocks, and dye in small batches. And the best part?  Not only do they employ local artisans and use vegetable and mineral dyes in keeping with local textile traditions, they invest 5% of annual profits in their Bagru women’s empowerment program.

Their website and Instagram have photos and videos that highlight the hand block printing process, which fascinated and delighted me.  It is so easy to buy things with a click these days that I think our curiosity about making and creating has fallen by the wayside.  Block Shop is doing a great job reawakening inquisitiveness.

Hand block printing process
Dyed textiles drying in the sun

Block Shop’s textiles are simple and beautiful, and I covet the serene simplicity of their woodblock prints.  This bright and cozy corner designed by Emily Henderson is everything I want in a room.  And I would fill my entire house with their pillows and quilts if I could!

Sunwave and Sidewinder prints
Ripple pillow
Acadia kantha quilt

With Block Shop textiles, I love that I can feel good about the products they offer.  I can purchase a well-considered item to have and use forever, created by hand with time-honored methods.  I hope you find a little inspiration in what they do, and perhaps something beautiful for your own home as well!

Via Block Shop textiles

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