Mole in sunshine

It’s beautiful and sunny, and I blinked hard at the rays of sunlight as I emerged from our home to walk the dogs this morning. It felt like a perfect encapsulation of my state of mind right now. This week the CDC updated guidelines to the following: “Fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask or physically distance in any setting, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance .”

I feel a bit like a mole emerging into the sunshine. Last week I had dinner out twice with friends, all of us vaccinated, all of us grateful. I was drained afterwards, no longer entirely used to “normal” things like socializing or the energy it requires of me, a dyed-in-the-wool introvert. And I booked my first plane ticket in a year and a half. It was thrilling.

Now I am cautious and hopeful, still reflexively putting my mask on. Slipping it off outdoors yesterday evening felt sort of reckless, to be honest. Freeing. Like stepping into sunlight. I’m metaphorically (and literally) blinking at the dazzling outside-ness, and the widening possibilities. Mentally gathering myself to move out of hibernation. Girding my loins to re-enter the world. I want to do it with my eyes wide open. It’s springtime, it’s a new beginning, and I want to welcome in the light.

Wishing you a bright weekend, friends!

Grey Wednesday

rag_bone_fedoraSpring has officially begun, just in time for us to get some much-needed rain here.  It is a very grey Wednesday out, soon to be a very rainy Wednesday.  I’m wearing a snappy wool fedora to keep the rain off my face, and I’ll have this playlist going to accompany the sound of rain pattering outside my windows.  Cup of tea or a glass of wine highly recommended.



Rag & Bone fedora  (similar) 

Springing forward

New bag and shoes, and I am feeling all set for spring this week!

This new take on the classic Coach signature feels fresh and fun.  It is the perfect little camera bag for running around on weekends, and Keith Haring’s adorable little alien/robot is the sweetest touch.  Stuart Vevers’ take on Americana over at Coach has been overall quite successful so far, and with logo prints re-emerging in a big way (see Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, and MCM as well as Coach), this bag feels somehow retro and current all at once.  Flashbacks to my very first Coach bag in college, in the best way.

Loafers are still going strong, thanks to mastermind Alessandro Michele at Gucci.  This white pair from Everlane had me at hello, with the tassels and kiltie detailing.  Work or weekend, these will be in heavy rotation for me this spring.  The mule silhouette keeps it modern, they’re comfortable, and very well made — especially for the price point.  Size up a half size as recommended, and you’ll be set.

I’m dreading the time change this weekend (hello, one less hour of sleep), but I suppose if nothing else I’ll feel cute and ready for spring once I drag myself out of bed and get going.  And in the meantime, happy Friday!

Coach x Keith Haring camera bag  Everlane tassel loafer mule