Marquise, if you please

For some reason marquise-cut stones have never been a favorite of mine, and yet in the right context, they can be truly stunning.  I realized the two rings I most want to wear of late are both marquise-esque, so here is a roundup of what I’m wearing, and what I wouldn’t mind wearing.

I love the playful asymmetry of this Alexis Bittar Fine ring: a gold marquise-ish center embellishment echoes the horizontal stone set off-center.  The David Yurman ring, on the other hand (ha! hand) is a much more classic option.  I think the bezel setting and the two-tone element make it modern, and I like the clean look.  These are on heavy rotation lately.

I do like a good stacking ring, and this sideways diamond ring from jlmetalsmith’s Etsy shop I think is just perfection, with it’s diminutive size and delicate gold setting.  The horizontal setting is a fun twist.  I also love this one from MinimalVS on Etsy.  It is even teenier and the bead detail on the band is adorable.  I would not mind either of these making the leap into my jewelry box.


Lastly, this sapphire and diamond band from James Allen was a tenth anniversary gift, and I love wearing it stacked with my wedding rings.  Classic, but a little unconventional with the blue.

Bonus: you can envision yourself as a noble marquise or marchioness for the day wearing their namesake cut, even if you’re wearing your baubles with sweatpants while watching Netflix!  Glass of wine encouraged, but not required.