I ❤️ new art!

I have been adding so much new art to my home (as I mentioned here), I thought these lovely artists deserved a post of their own. I hope you find a new piece or three that speak to you!

Malika Favre‘s bright, punchy visual style caught my eye recently, and I snagged a few prints from her recent sample sale. Leo from her Zodiac series, Le Plaisir, and Les Ciseaux all have joined my collection — très sexy. I love her graphic lines and shapes and the clever the way she makes use of negative space.

I was gifted a beautiful set of hand-painted notecards by my partner when we stumbled upon them in a sweet little local stationary shop, and when framed with wide white mats, they make for a beautiful set of small paintings for a gallery wall. Two live in our living room grouped with Paige Gemmel’s Dogs on Orange (also a recently addition), and the remaining four are hung vertically in our kitchen. I love how from certain vantage points in both rooms you can see all six — they pull the spaces together so well!

Less recent but just as lovely are three prints I purchased from UK printmaker Sam Marshall. I follow her on Instagram, and I can’t decide whether I enjoy her seeing linocuts and etchings or her adorable mini dachshund Miss Marple more! Curled Up, Those First Few Days, and Lots of Dogs (on our console as seen below) are the ones I added to my little collection. Bonus: may I suggest a mirror ball for no other reason than to make you smile (or perhaps to inspire an impromptu dance party in your living room)? Placed in a sunny spot, the light dancing on the walls will never fail to elicit happiness. Trust.

Last but not least, near and dear to me is the artwork of Jared Schwartz, a mixed media artist based in LA whose work floats somewhere between figural, abstract, cartoonish, evocative, surreal, expressionist, and political in all the best ways. (Full disclosure – he is my partner so I may be a bit biased, but I think his work speaks for itself.)

Schwartz does political cartoons and activist artwork as well as more abstract and figural art pieces. He seeks to make the world a better place through every medium he works with, whether it is mobilizing for a deeply-felt cause or bringing joy to a single viewer. I’m continually in awe of the way he sees the world, then brings those visions to a canvas. His piece Hold Me Close hangs in my living room, perfectly set off by an emerald green frame from Framebridge. I am also very partial to Pan & Syrinx and to the #MeToo anthem work My Body Is Not Yours, a perfect summation of the abortion, rape, trans rights, and marriage equality issues we have to endlessly address.

I hope this smattering of art and artists brings you to a new work of art you love, an artist to follow, or perhaps some inspiration to switch up your wall décor. Enjoy!

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